How to Get the Most from your Print Solution

February 27th 2017

Greg Downer

Reading Time: 8 Minutes

Are you getting the most from your print budget?

Every business should take some key print decisions into consideration in order to ensure that print resources are maximised.

Print spend can be a considerable proportion of a business’s overall IT budget. With this in mind, shouldn’t it be given more careful attention? You wouldn’t needlessly spend money on PCs that nobody will use, or software applications that your business doesn’t need. So why the lackadaisical approach to your print budget?

This may be a little unfair; you may well have considered your printing efficiency and taken steps to improve it. But there are always more changes, no matter how small, that can be made. In this post we will discuss five print considerations that your business should take.

Five Print Considerations to Take

Are You Using the Right Type of Printer?

Whether your printers are laser or inkjet, and whether you are utilising multiple small printers or one or two large printers, has a significant effect on your print efficiencies. What type of print jobs are your users usually carrying out? Are the printers you use suitable?

Do You Really Need to Print in Colour?

Black and white printing is more cost effective than colour printing. Do your users really need to be printing those 50 page Word documents in colour? Consider setting your printers to black and white by default, and educate your users around the relative costs of printing in colour so that they only use colour when strictly necessary.

Have You Considered Print Rationalisation?

This may seem obvious, but if your business prints less, your print budget will cost less. Sometimes office cultures can develop in which users send unnecessary print jobs which could easily be avoided. Foster a culture where users really think about whether they need to print each and every document.

Is Print Security Something You Take Seriously?

Confidential documents left lying on printer trays present a security risk to businesses. If such a document causes a security breach, the financial, operational, and reputational losses your business incurs as a result can be significant. Make sure that your users are print security-aware.

How Are Your Print Services Supported?

What do you do if something goes wrong with a printer, or if an issue with your print server causes print services to stop? Implementing efficient print support will ensure that you do not waste time and money on print issues that should be resolved quickly and with minimum disruption to users.

Maximise Your Print Efficiencies

Making small changes to your business’s printing arrangements can deliver significant savings. At Vine Street Solutions we specialise in helping businesses get the most from their managed print solutions. If you would like support in maximising your print efficiencies, get in touch with us.

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