How Secure is Your Customer Data?

February 3rd 2017

Greg Downer

Reading Time: 8 Minutes

Document security is often an afterthought, only considered when it’s too late and the damage has occurred. Don’t let yourself be caught out.

There is an onus on every business to keep customer data secure. This isn’t always easy, as many businesses – from small firms to large enterprise organisations – continue to find out. Recent data leaks that have hit the headlines include Lloyds Bank losing the bank details of thousands of customers, and TalkTalk suffering a hack that affected 157,000 customers.

How secure is your customer data? Do you have controls in place to ensure that confidential information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? Don’t ignore it until it’s too late – take the appropriate steps to secure your customer data and protect your business.

Steps to Secure Your Customer Data

All businesses that store customer data on IT systems should take these five security steps: -

Install and Run Antivirus

All of your workstations and servers should have antivirus installed. This will offer protection from malware, and will help you clean up any infections that do affect your estate. Make sure that any antivirus solution you implement receives regular updates for new virus threats.

Software Updates

Your key software vendors, such as Microsoft and Adobe, will regularly release security patches and updates for their applications. These updates address security issues that the vendors have found in their software, and that have the potential to be exploited by cybercriminals. Make sure that you stay up to date to secure your systems.

Perimeter Firewalls

Your internal systems should be protected by perimeter firewalls. These control the traffic that enters your infrastructure, allowing safe connections and blocking any malicious traffic. Firewalls help to protect your customer data from external threats.

Control Device Access

Are you able to control the devices that can access your network? Left unchecked, people can connect USB storage devices to their PCs and siphon confidential customer data away from the business. Locking down USB ports allows you to control the devices that can access your network, reducing the risk of data loss.

Print Governance

Printed documents left on the printer tray can present a potential data security risk. Introducing print governance that incorporates secure print management will ensure that users do not accidentally leave confidential documents unattended.

Improve Your Data Security

There have never been more threats to the confidential customer data that your business holds. Every business faces the risk of data loss, but by taking the appropriate security steps you can minimise the chances of a breach occurring. Vine Street Solutions implement managed print services that enhance security and reduce the chances of losing customer data. Contact us to find out more.

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